Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Teaching & Learning Principles

Wow! One needs to be an active learner in learning and doing mathematics through problem solving.  Instructional tasks must be meaningful and relevant to students.

Help students to acquire the disposition of curiosity to learn mathematics.  By giving ample opportunities to help students evaluate their own experiences in such a way that enhances understanding, meaning, relevance, and retention of that information. One way is to allow time for students to talk to one another about the mathematical relationships they see so they can process the information as well as hear other people's perspectives.

Processing information includes verbalising their thinking, reorganizing, questioning, testing, analysing, and summarizing, helps to develop their reasoning skills and sense-making skills.

The more details are added to their existing networks, the more connections they make, the greater consolation takes place.

Can you solve the follow ‘poem’ that has become a problem?
The 7 little dwarfs.
There were 7 little pillows. They found 7 little beds.
They lay down on the 7 little beds.
Along came 7 little dwarfs and lay in the 7 little beds.
They had 7 little dreams.
They dreamed of 7 little gold mines.

 How many all together?

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